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16. november 2020
Coronavirus and the European job market: where the pandemic hit the hardest in spring 2020

European employers advertised 35% fewer jobs in online job portals in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

Vir: Cedefop
13. november 2020
European vocational skills week 2020 focuses on green and digital transitions

Vocational education and training’s (VET’s) role in the EU’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and in the green and digital transitions was at the heart of the European vocat

Vir: Cedefop
11. november 2020
Pact for skills launched: calling all European partners to invest in skills

European Commissioners Nicolas Schmit (Jobs and Social Rights) and Thierry Breton (Internal Market) launched the pact for skills, a key initi

Vir: Cedefop
10. november 2020
Governments should prioritise investment in learning for adults, new Cedefop survey says

At least two-thirds of adults in every EU Member State agree that their government should prioritise investment in adult learning, a

Vir: Cedefop
6. november 2020
Cedefop-EESC forum points to need for urgent and coordinated response to low skill levels in Europe

Cedefop and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) held the

Vir: Cedefop
29. oktober 2020
Less than 10% of EU businesses offer comprehensive learning opportunities critical to employee performance and well-being, new survey says

The best outcomes in terms of company performance and workplace well-being are obtained in companies where training is valued highly according to the recently published

Vir: Cedefop
13. oktober 2020
Only one-fifth of European companies find secret to combining optimal workplace wellbeing and business performance

High investment, high involvement’ workplaces have the best outcomes for workers and employers according to a recent large-scale survey of company practices across Europe.

Vir: Cedefop
12. oktober 2020
Career guidance policy in the digital context discussed at CareersNet meeting

Cedefop's CareersNet, the network of independent experts in lifelong career guidance and career development, held its annual meeting on 8 and 9 October, in cooperation with the German Federal E

Vir: Cedefop
6. oktober 2020
VET’s role crucial in overcoming economic aftermath of pandemic – Cedefop Executive Director

In an interview given to BIBB, the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, published in their BWP magazine 3/2020

Vir: Cedefop
5. oktober 2020
Artificial intelligence in a post-pandemic world of work and skills

Cedefop has been monitoring the adoption of artificial intelligence and new digital technologies by EU Member States, as these are becoming part of the EU’s new reality in a post

Vir: Cedefop
2. oktober 2020
Luxembourg: Specialised agent in smart materials: new dual training programme

From school year 2020/21, the new dual vocational aptitude diploma programme in ‘Smart materials’ is offered by one secondary school.

In the productive sector, considerable progress is taking place in the development of processes, machines and materials, requiring a permanent adjustment of skilled worker profiles.

Vir: Cedefop
2. oktober 2020
#CedefopPhotoAward 2020 winners announced!

The winning teams of the #CedefopPhotoAward 2020 competition come from Poland, Greece, Czechia and Slovakia.

Vir: Cedefop
2. oktober 2020
Italy: Survey on key skills in vocational education and training (IeFP) pathways

 The National Institute for Public Policy Analysis (INAPP) has launched a survey to assess key skills in the vocational education and train

Vir: Cedefop
23. september 2020
Cedefop and Eurofound to present key findings from the European company survey 2019

EU agencies Cedefop and Eurofound will present the results of the European company survey 2019 (ECS 2019) at a

Vir: Cedefop
23. september 2020
Skillsnet e-bulletin: April – August 2020

The Skillsnet e-bulletin April – August 2020 Issue has just been published and sent to Skillsnet members.

Vir: Cedefop
22. september 2020
September is here: how VET schools in Europe are reopening

Starting the school year 2020/21 in the midst of a pandemic poses a host of new challenges for schools, teachers and training providers.

Vir: Cedefop
17. september 2020
EU education ministers discuss new impetus for vocational education and training

The EU ministers for education met informally within the framework of the German EU Presidency in Osnabrück on 16 and 17 September to discuss a new impetus for vocational education and training (VE

Vir: Cedefop
8. september 2020
‘Skillset and match’ special issue on VET post-2020 is out!

The September 2020 issue of Skillset and match, Cedefop’s magazine promoting learning for work, is now available to read

Vir: Cedefop